Letters submitted to CAG office on 29-08-2020

Below is the letters received from CAG office last day. We still hope that the CAG will accept the proposals for cadre restructuring committee before his tenure on 7 August 2020. It is understood that hectic preparations for the same is going on in the Hqrs.

National Audit Federation had its Executive Meeting over Teleconference for the first time on 25-07-2020. Details are below:


Dear friends,

            We have successfully completed 21 days of Lockdown to protect ourselves from the spread of Covid19, the Novel Corona Virus. As we all know the virus was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and later, it has spread all over the world. America, reportedly, the most powerful and wealthiest nation in the world and supposed to have finest health care system, is the worst affected both in number of patients and also the number of casualties. We have seen that most of the developed countries viz. Italy, Spain, England, France etc., where robust healthcare systems are in place, have failed to control the spread of the virus and to minimize the number of casualties. Many health workers around the world including experienced doctors succumbed to Covid19 taking the tally to above a lakh. Though, the first case in India was reported on 30th January 2020, we have managed to control its spread and as per reports, the total confirmed cases are around 10000 and the death toll as on date has crossed 400. So far we have succeeded to control its spread with our limited healthcare facilities. Credit goes to each and every citizen of this country. Determination of the authorities compelling the public to stay safe in their homes and to keep social distancing is also laudable. While fighting against Covid19, the world economy has also collapsed and recorded an all time low. Financial situation in India is also showing a downward trend as the growth rate has fallen from 5.3 to an alarming 2.5. It is also expected that the growth rate may fall below 2 during this financial year.

The Honourable Prime Minister has announced extension of Lockdown for another 19 days (till 3rd May 2020). These are hard days for our general public as many people are losing their jobs; rate of inflation and unemployment are increasing manifold. The long period of Lockdown will impact India’s economic growth “severely” and cause significant disruption across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, oil, financial, among others, says a report. Experts also predicts the probability of countries sinking into recession, instances of companies going bankrupt are increasing and India is not likely to “remain decoupled” from the global meltdown.

In the circumstances, National Audit Federation, the biggest employees’ organisation in the Supreme Audit Institution of the country has decided to explore and come with creative ideas that may be placed before the Government to rebuild our nation. It is tough time for the daily wagers, migrant workers, farmers, students, the common people, the Government and the country as a whole. We as government servants have to share the burden shoulder to shoulder with the countrymen. We hope our colleagues will make use of their field experiences in identifying the areas of attention for the economic boost up. Your valuable suggestions may please be put forward by clicking the following link.


We will sum up suggestions received till 30-04-2020 and submit to the Government of India for consideration.

Requesting your active participation in this noble endeavour.

Fraternally yours,

L.S. Sujith Kumar,
Secretary General

A.N. Katuria is no more. Our Heartfelt Condolences.

Katuria ji was a leader of Member Audit Board office at New Delhi. He was also a strong supporter of NAF since its inception. I have no words to express his dedication towards our organisation. Whenever, myself, Vidwans ji or Amol ji reaches our headquarters office at Jorbagh, Kauria ji reaches jorbagh without any hesitation ready to do any help. I remember his smiling face (always) with a question ” Sirji, mem aap ka kya seva karum?”. I always tell him “Sir, is umer mem bhi aap NAF ki tharah ithna seva karne keliye thayyar bhaita he, ithna he kafi he hamare liye”.

Life goes like that. All will go one day. But, still its very painful that if your near one disappear suddenly. Friends, its very sad for NAF as three of our veteran leaders expired within a short time. D.D. Deshpande of Nagpur, M Vijayavelu of Chennai and A.N. Katuria of Delhi. May their Soul Rest in Peace.

Heartfelt Condolences to M Vijayavelu, a strong supporter of NAF from chennai. He attends all the conferences, working committee meetings spending money from his own pocket along with his colleagues despite a member of an un-recognised unit. In this moment, I would like to inform all the members that our website nauditf.org is hosted and being maintained by the contributions given by Shri. Vijayavelu and his friends. I pay our homage and respect to the departed soul.

Gandhi Bhajan on 2nd October
Circular No. 12 Dt.06-09-2019
Congratulations – Recognition to NAF extended to another five years

Reply from MoF on our representation to scrap NPS

Letter No.48 – Submitted to the CAG of India

Memorandum on Restructuring

Shri. Amal Das, President, National Audit Federation submitting a memorandum demanding Comprehensive Cadre Restructuring in IA&AD to Smt. Rita Mitra, Dy. CAG today (3-10-2017). Shri,Khalid Bin Jamal, PD Staff, Shri. Venkatanathan V S , ACN, Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General, Shri. Jai Shankar Kumar, Additional Secretary General were also present in the meeting.

 Circular 17

Circular No.16

Extended National Executive Meeting –
Demonstration of signed flex before CAG office
on 3rd October 2017


k-42, B. K. DUTT COLONY, NEW DELHI: 110033

Reference No. Confd. /Other Allowances/1/2017                                                     Date: 1st July, 2017


All the members of national executive committee and others,

Dear friends,

As was apprehended, the Union Cabinet has once again deprived the Central Government employees and officers from their legitimate right of getting implementation of 7th CPC report on other allowances w.e.f.01. 01. 2016 resulting in huge financial loss. The Cabinet has approved the recommendations of the 7CPC on HRA and other allowances from 1st July 2017 only, whereby, arrears for 18 months (from 1.1.2016 to 30th June 2017) have been denied. The 7th CPC had recommended implementation of the report from 1. 1. 2016.

The Standing Committee of Staff Side, JCM (NC) has failed miserably to bring any improvement in the 7th CPC Report by the government before implementation. This has never happened in case of earlier pay commission reports.

The government cannot also justify the delay in issuing implementation order without any significant improvement whereby arrears for eighteen months have been forfeited.

On the matter of modification of pay fitment formula, the much awaited decision of the Committee formed as a result of meeting with four Ministers is also waning. While in lower pay scales the fitment formula is 2.57, in case of higher pay scales it is 2.81 even. This is highly discriminatory and deserves removal of discrimination.

This Confederation is of the opinion that this deprivation should not go un-protested. Therefore it is decided that the members at grass root level be apprised of the evil design of the government in adopting the policy of ignoring the interest of the employees in financial matters whereby legitimate dues accrued out of implementation of the recommendations of the 7CPC have been denied.


This confederation calls upon its affiliates to observe protest day on 26th July 2017 demanding payment of arrears for HRA from 01. 01.2016. The Federations are requested to endorse the call and take appropriate measures to observe the program by educating and mobilizing the members in support of the call for massive participation of members in the General Body Meeting to be conducted on 26th July 2017 to adopt resolution to be sent to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in the attached format.

With warm greetings,

Fraternally yours,

(A.B. Sen)

Secretary General



This general body meeting of the …………………………………….. Association held today the 26th July 2017 discussed in threadbare about the policy adopted by the government of India in implementation of recommendations made by 7th CPC. The government has adopted a policy of delay and deprives the employees from compensating the financial loss being caused due to rising of price index in leaps and bounds. It is marked with alarm that for the first time in the annals of history of implementation of any Central Pay Commission Report the government refused to modify and improve the deficiencies of the recommendations crept into the report whereby discrimination has been made in case of fixation formula at lower pay scales than in the HAG pay scales. Though the appointed empowered committee to discuss with the staff side and recommend modifications in fixation formula but after holding of several rounds of prolonging discussions, the Cabinet ignored the recommendation of the empowered Committee and implemented the recommendation of the CPC without any modification.

The CPC recommended implementation of the report w.e.f. 01. 01. 2016.  Government entrusted the matter of “Other Allowances” for examination of the recommendations to the Empowered Committee. The Committee took its time to submit the report and ultimately the cabinet decision came on 28th June 2017 i.e. eighteen months after the date of implementation of the CPC report, that too without any improvement.

This general body meeting considers the government decision as ‘anti employees’ and deplores the policy adopted whereby 18 months dues have been denied. This general body also marked with alarm that the desired improvement in pay fixation formula is being delayed.

This general body meeting resolves to demand (1) date of effect of other allowances be made from 01. 01. 2016 and (2) the pay fixation formula be improved and implemented in consultation with the staff side.

It is  further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, through proper channel, urging upon him to take notice of the resentment generated amongst the personnel working in the Central Government establishments and mitigate the grievances early.



Date: 26th July 2017


Letter No.33  dated 1-05-2017  Sub: Sports quota recruitment

Letter No.32 Dated:1-05-2017  Sub: CPD/RA/Incentive exam – Unlimited chances


Letter No.31 dated:1-05-2017   Sub:Unilateral Transfer



A very bad news for us.

Our South zone Secretary

Shri. Govardhan Reddy is no more.

He expired today (22-02-2017) morning.

Our Heartfelt Condolences.

Letter No.28 dated 22-02-2017 Addressed to CAG on Cadre restructuring

Letter No.28 dated 22-02-2017 Addressed to CAG on Cadre restructuring

Welcome all

We thank Shri. Sai Gandhi IA&AS, Senior Deputy Accountant General, AP & T for launching our revamped Website in the presence of Smt. P. Madhavi IA&AS, Senior Deputy Accountant General, AP & T, Shri. Arun Vidwans, Chief Patron, NAF, Shri. Ravishankar, Vice President, NAF & Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General, NAF on the 22nd January 2017 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh & Telengana.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Circular No.11 – Minutes of Working Committee Meeting held at Hyderabad

Monday, January 9, 2017

Post card campaign from 9 January 2017 to 13 January 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

SAS/CPD/RAE/IE Results may publish on Friday 6th January 2016

Wednesday, December 19, 2016


15/31 (1st Floor), VASUNDHARA, P.O. VASUNDHARA-201012

    Reference: Confd. /New year 2017/1                                                                               Date: 1st January 2017

Dear Friends,


Bidding adieu to 2016, we welcome the New Year 2017.  Let this change in calendar page usher in all-round development, kindle new hope with renewing our pledge to dedicate ourselves for the cause of the justice for the Audit & Accounts personnel.

The Executive Committee of this Confederation discussed in details about the immediate issues that requires resolution urgently as any delay will result in putting the issues under carpet by the bureaucrats of the Central Secretariat. We must not allow the repetitions of mistakes committed by the monolithic organisation of IA&AD in 1990 by lying low and referring the issue of blatant discrimination towards Organised Accounts and IA&AD to JCM (NC). Denial of recommendations of the VII CPC on parity with the Assistants of CSS, grant of GP4200 to JAOs of Railway Accounts Department and equivalent cadres in IA&AD and other Organised Accounts Departments and grant of GP5400 to AAOs after completion of 4 years of service have to be viewed as serious matter and should not be treated in lackadaisical manner and allow dithering.

The 7CPC has recommended grant of GP4200 to Auditors, Parity in pay scale with Assistants of Central Secretariat Service for Senior Auditors/ Sr. Accountants and GP 5400 for AAOs after completion 4 years as per demands made by  this Confederation (in pre revised scales). Such acceptances of our demands were never considered by any CPC in the past. We cannot allow this to lapse.  Negotiation backed by agitation is the surest means to force the Government to resolve our legitimate claims. The program decided by the Confederation has to be implemented earnestly. The leaders of the Federations are requested to prepare the members to achieve this target.


With warm greetings,

Fraternally yours.

(A.   B. Sen)

Secretary General.

Wednesday, December 19, 2016

Observe Demand Day on 22 December 2016

  •    Grant Grade Pay 4200 in pre-revised pay scale to Accountants/Auditors.
  •    Restore parity in pay scale of Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants of     Railway Accounts with Assistants of the Central Secretariat Service (GP 4600).
  •    Grant GP 5400 to AAOs after completion of 4 years service.
  •    Grant appropriate pay scales to EDP cadres.
  •    Revise HRA, Transport Allowance and Daily Allowance with retrospective effect from 1. 1. 2016.
  •    Grant revised MACP effective from 1. 1. 2016.
  •    Accept recommendations of 7CPC on Stepping up issue.

Dear friends,

Executive Committee of the Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers’ Organisations held its meeting at National Defence Academy of Financial Management (Regional Training Centre), Pune on 28thNovember 2016. Shri Arun Vidwans president of the confederation, presided over the meeting. Representatives of various Member federations from Organised Accounting Departments participated in the meeting. Shri. Anil Khaparde, Secretary West Zone, represented National Audit Federation.

The meeting discussed various common front issues including the deficiencies noticed in implementation of 7CPC recommendations relating to Audit and Organised Accounts cadres. Meeting also discussed about the possibilities in formation of Pensioners’ Association for Audit and Accounts Department’s pensioners. Executive meting has finalised an agitation program for the realization of various demands (mentioned above) of Audit and Accounts personnel. It has requested all federations to write to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance for its intervention for the fulfilment of the above demands. It also requested the federation to direct all their affiliated units to observe demand day on 22nd December 2016 by holding General Body Meeting and to pass resolution which may be forwarded to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure through proper channel.

Other programmes finalised by the Executive meeting are to observe postcard campaign (addressed to the Finance Minister of India) on the above demands from 9th to 13th January 2017 involving all members, day long Dharna on 8th February 2017 in the front of the respective office premises demanding immediate settlement of the demands.

The next phase of program will be decided after review of the progress by the Executive Committee during second week of February 2017.

Hence, it is requested to all affiliated units to observer DEMAND DAY on the 22nd December 2016, hold General Body meeting, pass enclosed resolution and forward the same to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure through proper channel. An advance copy may be sent directly to the government. A copy of the same may also be forwarded to the Secretary General, National Audit Federation and another to the Secretary General, Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees & Officers’ Organisations, 5/31 (1st Floor), Vasundhara, P.O. Vasundhara-201012.

Suhas Safai is no more

It is very sad to inform that the Additional Secretary General, Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees & Officers’ Organisations Shri Suhas Safai passed away on the 10th December 2016 due to Heart attack. Shri. Safai retired from Defence Accounts service on superannuation on the 30th November 2016 was a very active member of the confederation. The Executive Committee held on the 28th November 2016, felicitated him on his retirement and observed that Shri Safai has led a memorable active Service period in the Defence Accounts service.

National Audit Federation, deeply mourn the sad and untimely demise of Shri. Suhas Safai, a popular and respected leader of the Organised Accounts Departments. We place on record our heartfelt condolences andextends our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the departed soul.

                                                                                                  Yours faithfully,

Encl: As above

                            (L.S. Sujith Kumar)

                                  Secretary General

(Draft letter)

——– on letter head of the association ——-


The Secretary,

Department of Expenditure,

Government of India.

Sub:     Forwarding of resolutions passed in the 10th Biennial conference

The General Body of ____________________________ association held on the 22nd day of December 2016, unanimously decided to endorse a copy of the resolutions passed demanding urgent implementation of the following demands.

1.       Grant Grade Pay 4200 in pre-revised pay scale to Accountants/Auditors.

2.       Restore parity in pay scale of Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants of Railway Accounts with Assistants of the Central Secretariat Service (GP 4600).

3.       Grant GP 5400 to AAOs after completion of 4 years service.

4.       Grant appropriate pay scales to EDP cadres.

5.       Revise HRA, Transport Allowance and Daily Allowance with retrospective effect from 1. 1. 2016.

6.       Grant revised MACP effective from 1. 1. 2016.

7.       Accept recommendations of 7CPC on Stepping up issue.

The general body also directed to request the Government of India to consider these genuine demands of the employees of the organised accounting departments positively.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

President / Secretary

Copy to:

1.      The Comptroller and Auditor General of India, 9 DDU Marg, New Delhi – 110124.

2.      The Secretary General, Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees & Officers’ Organisations, 5/31 (1st Floor), Vasundhara, P.O. Vasundhara-201012.

3.      The Secretary General, National Audit Federation, Surabhi, L-56-B, LIC Lane, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695004.

(Draft Resolution)

——- on letter head of the association—–


The General Body meeting of ___________________ Association held on the 22nd December 2016 at _______________, demands urgent intervention of the government to implement the following genuine demands of the employees of the Organised Accounting Departments which are already accepted and recommended by the 7th Central Pay Commission but not implemented till date.

1.       Grant Grade Pay 4200 in pre-revised pay scale to Accountants/Auditors.

2.       Restore parity in pay scale of Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants/Accounts Assistants of Railway Accounts with Assistants of the Central Secretariat Service (GP 4600).

3.       Grant GP 5400 to AAOs after completion of 4 years service.

4.       Grant appropriate pay scales to EDP cadres.

5.       Revise HRA, Transport Allowance and Daily Allowance with retrospective effect from 1. 1. 2016.

6.       Grant revised MACP effective from 1. 1. 2016.

7.       Accept recommendations of 7CPC on Stepping up issue.

            It is also resolved to send a copy of the above resolution to the (1) Comptroller and Auditor General of India, (2) Secretary General, Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees & Officers’ Organisations, (3) Secretary General, National Audit Federation.

President                                                                                       General Secretary

Wednesday, December 12, 2016

Working Committee Meeting at Hyderabad on 22 & 23

January 2017


Wednesday, December 10, 2016

Confederation meeting held at Pune -Minutes



                        15/31 (1st Floor), VASUNDHARA, P.O. VASUNDHARA-201012


The Executive Committee of the Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers’ Organisations held a meeting at National Defence Academy of Financial Management (Regional Training Centre), Pune. Shri Arun Vidwans presided over the meeting.  The following members participated in the meeting:

1.      Shri Arun Vidwans               President

2.      Shri A. B. Sen                       Secretary General

3.      Shri Suhash Safai                 Additional Secretary General

4.      Shri S. S. Prabhakar             Finance Secretary

5.      Smt.  Prasanna Kumari       Assistant Secretary

6.      Shri N. D. Bloch                   Zonal Secretary (West Zone)

7.      Shri K.S.Dubey                     Zonal Secretary (Central Zone)

8.      Shri Anil Khaparde              Additional Secretary, NAF

9.      Smt. A. Parekh                    Audit & Accounts Pensioners Association

10.  Smt. N.Prabhakar               Audit & Accounts Pensioners Association

11.  Shri C. S. Chouhan-             Audit & Accounts Pensioners Association

12.  Shri Liladhar Bathan-         Postal Accounts                                                   9425923459

At the outset all the members participated in well attended open meeting held here to felicitate Shri Suhash Safai who is going to retire from government service on 30th November 2016, after attaining the age of superannuation. In speeches delivered by the dignitaries and colleagues of Shri Safai it is observed that Shri Safai led a memorable active Service period in the Defence Accounts service. He earned love and respect from employees and officers. As per compulsion of CCS (RSA) Rules, Shri Safai will hand over responsibility of the Association to his successor after retirement.

The meeting took up the following agenda for discussion:-

1.      To discuss the deficiencies noticed in implementation of 7CPC recommendations regarding Audit and Organised Accounts cadres.

2.      To felicitate Shri Suhas Safai on his superannuation from government service.

3.      To discuss an agitation program for realization of important demands of Audit and Accounts personnel.

4.      To discuss about formation of Pensioners’ Association for Audit and Accounts Department’s pensioners.

5.      Any other matter with permission of the Chair.

The 7th CPC has made contradictory recommendations regarding pay scales of Organised Accounts Departments and IA&AD leading to undesirable implementation decisions by the government. Some instances are noted below:-

We demanded merger of posts of Accountants / auditors with Senior Accountants / Senior Auditors respectively. The Commission has not accepted our demand, however, in IA&AD Chapter it has recommended grant of Grade Pay of 4200 to Auditors/ Accountants with a rider of recruitment rules having interview after written examination for graduates in direct entry system. This condition is fulfilled only in case of direct recruits in the posts of JAO in Railways. The Railway Recruitment Board only holds interview of successful candidates in written examination.

1.      The IV th CPC recommended parity in pay scales of Audit and Accounts cadres and the same was accepted by the government. Therefore, implementation of the recommendation in case of JAOs of Railway Accounts can only be legitimately lead to extension of the same benefit to all similarly placed Accountants/ Auditors in the same pay sale by grant of 4200 in pre-revised pay scale. The present government has not implemented this yet. We have already taken up this matter with the government; the NFIR has taken up this issue with the Railway Board on the request of AIRASA.

2.      The 7CPC has recommended parity in pay scale of Senior Auditors/ Senior Accountants and Accounts Assistants of Railway Accounts with Assistants of the Central Secretariat Service. The Government has not accepted this. We have written letter to PM seeking his intervention to ensure implementation of the 7CPC report in this case.

3.      A section of bureaucracy has antagonistic attitude towards Audit and accounts to such extent that they did not even care to implement the decision of the Cabinet in 2008 while Government approved grant of GP of 5400 to AAOs after completion of 4 years of service. The matter was taken up by the AAOs of Defence Accounts Department in Principal bench of CAT, New Delhi. This came to our notice when the Pay Commission was finalizing there report. We immediately brought to the notice of the CPC and they have incorporated this in their recommendation. However, the government has not yet implemented the recommendation. We have written to the PM for his personal attention to this matter and cause action to ensure implementation of the recommendation of the CPC without further delay.

4.      Regarding pay scale of EDP, the Commission has left the matter for decision by the government. No effective decision has been taken till date by the government.

5.      HRA, Transport Allowance and Daily Allowance. Despite clear recommendations of the CPC the government has adopted delay tactic and referred the issues to a committee to decide. It is apprehended that the date of effect will also be from a subsequent date and not from 1.1. 2016. This meeting feels the date of effect should be effective from 1. 1. 2016.

6.      MACP should be effective from 1. 1. 2016.

7.      Recommendation of the 7CPC on Stepping up issue has to be accepted by the government.

We feel, to get the above demands clinched, a systematic agitation is required to be launched by audit & Accounts organisations.  The following steps may be taken by the constituent federations under intimation to this Confederation.

1.      The Federations should write to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure, and Ministry of Finance for fulfillment of the above demands by 15th of December 2016.

2.      Observe Demands Day on 22nd December 2016 by holding General Body Meeting and passing resolution which may be forwarded to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure through proper channel.

3.      Observe postcard campaign on the above demands from 9th to 13th January 2017 involving all members. The post cards to be addressed to the Finance Minister of India.

4.      Day long Dharna may be observed on 8th February 2017 respective office premises demanding immediate settlement of the demands.

The next phase of program shall be decided after review of the progress by the National Executive Committee during second week of February 2017.

The distress faced by employees and officers working in central government Departments and the Pensioners due to demonitisation was discussed and it was decided that this Confederation shall demand payment of salary and pension in cash till the situation regarding cash availability is resolved.

On Formation of Audit and Accounts Pensioners Association.

The issue of formation of Audit and Accounts Pensioner’s was discussed and it was felt that to take up issues relating to retired personnel from Audit and Accounts Departments, a separate platform is need of the hour. After detailed discussion it was decided that an Ad-hoc committee would be formed to take up necessary steps to prepare a constitution, contact retired personnel from Audit and Accounts Department and convene next meeting to give final shape.

To start with there shall be three tier organisations, (1) Central Level Organisation (2) Departmental Level Organisation (3) State /station Level organisation of each Department.

The Central Level Organisation is constituted with the following members:

Chairman: Shri S.K.Safai

Convener:  Shri S. S. Prabhakar

Executive Members

1.      Shri Bhopal Singh

2.      Shri P. K. Shakhuja

3.      Shri C.B.P.Singh

4.      Shri Swapan Majumder

5.      Shri Santosh Choudhuri

6.      Shri G. C. Parida

7.      Smt. A. Parekh

8.      Smt. N.Prabhakar

9.      Shri Bhagwan Singh Parmar

10.  Shri Kripashankar Srivastav

11.  K. Kuppu Rao

12.  Taizuddin Ahmed

13.  M. S. Rathi

14.  Shri R.C.P.Singh

(Arun Vidwans)




                   15/31 (1st Floor), VASUNDHARA, P.O. VASUNDHARA-201012

(M) 9899983035

Ref: Confd./Cir./12/16                                                                         Date: December 4, 2016

Dear friends.

Enclosed please find the copy of minutes of the NE meeting held at Pune on 28th November 2016. The meeting was very successful as well as productive, as some decisions have been taken to build up movement in protest against government’s apathy towards legitimate claims of the personnel belonging to Organised Accounts Departments and IA&AD. The constituent Federations are requested to implement the programs unanimously decided in the meeting.

Regarding the issue of grant of upgraded pay scale to AAOs as per recommendations of the 7th CPC, it is learnt that Railway Board has requested the government to implement the recommendation of the Commission by grant of GP Rs.5400 in pre-revised scale to AAOs on completion of 4 years of service. We are expecting to receive a copy of the letter of the Railway Board through good offices of the NFIR.

All he constituents are requested to send reports of implementation of the programs to the Confederation for further necessary action.

With warm greetings

Fraternally yours,

(A.   B. Sen)

Secretary General.

 Wednesday, December 1, 2016

Circular No.6/2016-18/Dated: 1-12-2016 – Minutes of Agenda Meeting with Dy. CAG on 23-November-2016


All affiliated units’ secretaries/central office bearers/zonal/branch secretaries/
Departmental Council members/Patrons.


Minutes of Agenda Meeting with Dy. CAG on 23-November-2016

An agenda meeting was granted by Shri.P. Mukerjee, Dy. CAG on 23rd November 2016 at 3.00 pm. Shri. A.K. Das, President, Shri. Ravi Shankar, Vice President, Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General, Shri. N. Shiva kumar, Addl. Secretary General and Shri. Ajai Deep Gulati, Assistant Secretary General were represented the federation. The meeting was cordial and the discussions were lasted for two hours. The details of the discussions are as follows:

1. Cadre restructuring –            Comprehensive Cadre restructuring shall be done in IA&AD –




1.      Allow time bound promotion for AAOs on completion of 6 years service

2.      Increase promotional avenues for Group B officers

We have stated that the present cadre rationalistaion does not address the stagnation in the cadres and is not a solution for the career related issues of the IA&AD staff. We strongly recorded our disagreement on the scheme of cadre rationalisation which only result in reduction of posts instead of increase in the sanctioned strength. Hence, we requested to constitute a committee to study the present workload of the staff, their promotion prospects and to recommend better scheme to all the cadres including EDP cadre, Stenographer cadre, Official language cadre along with the main cadre through a comprehensive cadre restructuring of the department. We also requested to create separate promotion channel (Non-IA&AS) for AO/SAO in order to neutralize the stagnation in the department. We also requested to include the representatives of the recognised federations in the committee.

In reply to the above DAI has told us that the proposal for the creation of Non-IAAS group A posts, Audit Manager is still in the pipe-line. It was assured that in long run the number of posts will be doubled. DAI stated that there won’t be any reductions in posts as of now and directions are already issued to continue with the present recruitment plan. Also assured that the successful candidates in the current SAS examinations will be accommodated as per the SS as on 31-3-2016. DAI also agreed to constitute a committee for comprehensive cadre restructuring. He has directed the PD(Staff) to include the representatives of all the recognised federations in the committee.

2. Review of Sector wise Reorganisation of Audit offices




We have demanded for a review of the implementation of Sector wise re-organisation of Audit offices and to initiate rectification of lapses. NAF also requested to streamline the scheme and to make it uniform in all the states and to follow the list of major minor heads for the segregation of departments under various sectors. It was also demanded to abolish the Director General (Central) offices.

DAI has categorically denied all the above demands stating that the process of sectoral bifurcation of audit offices is now over and already streamlined hence no reversal of the scheme is possible. He also stated that the non implementation of the scheme in Maharashtra was due to the specific orders of the CAG of India. It was also stated that the LMMH provisions are not followed in some states because of the prevailing state government setup. However, he has agreed to review specific issues, if any, pointed out by the federation.

3. Grant Grade Pay 5400 (6cpc) to all those at GP4800 as per para 11.12.140 of 7cpc recommendations




            We requested the CAG to grant 5400 to all those at GP 4800 (6cpc) to 5400 in PB2 after four years service as per the recommendations of the 7CPC without delay.

DAI replied that the department has strongly recommended this to the 7CPC. But the recommendations are only recorded in the defence accounts chapter and not in the IAAD chapter of the 7CPC report. Hence, requested clarification from the government. It was also stated that the CAG authorities are pursuing the matter with the Government of India.

4. Grant parity to Sr. Auditors with Assistants of Central Secretariat




            We have requested to issue directions to restore the lost parity with Central Secretariat Services.

It is replied that there is no such recommendation in the 7CPC report relating to the IAAD. However, agreed to discuss the same in the cadre restructuring issue.

5. Direct recruitment in Sr. Auditor cadre – Merge Auditor with Sr. Auditor cadre and grant Grade pay 4600 – Increase promotional avenues




We have demanded to merge Auditor/Senior Auditor cadre, grant GP 4600 (6CPC) and to derive a similar system for appointment/ promotion to that of CSS in our department also.

DAI has not agreed for merging of cadres and giving promotion without passing SAS examinations. He stated that the recruitment rules for Sr.Adr cadre is under scrutiny of UPSC and will be issued shortly.

6. Supervisor cadre –      Regularize temporary promotions (additional 6%) given in the cadre, Reversion should not be made to those who already promoted. Create supernumerary posts.




            We have demand for the regularization of temporary promotions given in the Supervisor cadre and also demanded that the temporarily promoted Supervisors, who are under the threat of reversion, shall be allowed to continue on supernumerary basis.

It was assured that the temporarily promoted Supervisors will continue and there won’t be any reversion in the name of cadre rationalization. But the regularization of these temporary promotions not agreed.

7. Grant Grade Pay 5400/- to Hindi Officers




We have demanded to grant Grade Pay of 5400 to Hindi Officers on the basis of the circulars issued by the Rajbhasha department.

DAI stated that the issue is under active consideration. It was also told that presently the streamlining of the main cadres in IA&AD are taking place and after that the issue of Hindi officers will also be considered.

8. Departmental Examinations:




1.      SAS examinations 

2.      Allow SAS passed candidates from audit offices to exercise option for posting in offices of their choice as per Recruitment Rule.

3.      CPD/RAE/Incentive Examinations

We have demanded to Provide model question papers, remove negative marking scheme, reduce pass marks to 40 and allow unlimited chances. It was also demanded to allow Assistant Audit Officers working in other audit offices to exercise option for posting in office of their choice as per recruitment rule.

We strongly demand to allow un-limited chances to clear CPD/RAE/ Incentive examinations. We have also demanded to extend two more mercy chances to audit employees similar to that provided to accounts staff recently.

DAI has not agreed in any of the demands above. However, it was told that there will not be any problem in giving extension for those AAOs on deputation in other audit offices. It was told that the accounts staff who could not attend the two accounts papers because of non conduct of examination in A&E for several years are only allowed to appear for two extra chances and hence the facility can not be extended to audit staff.

9. UN Audit – Dies-non shall not be treated as ineligibility for applying to overseas deputations including UN Audit.




We requested that “Dies-non” shall not be treated as ineligibility for applying to overseas deputations including UN Audit.

DAI has not agreed to this demand.

10. Restore unilateral Transfer




We have request the Dy. CAG to lift the ban on unilateral transfer in a phased manner to avoid erosion of manpower and to give the newcomers a hope/chance to return to their home state in near future.

DAI has not agreed to this demand. However, he stated that the option of deputation and mutual transfer are open for such staff.

11. Allow promotion for DEOs to Auditor Cadre




We have requested to fulfill the promises made by DAI on 13-11-2014, allowing promotions for DEOs in Auditor cadre, without further delay.

DAI stated that the issue has already considered by the headquarters and recruitment rule has also been finalized. Department has now submitted the RR for Sr.Auditor cadre to the government and waiting for its approval. Both the RRs will be published simultaneously.

12. Sports quota recruitment – include the game of Volley ball also in the recruitment list




DAI stated that presently recruitment process for 5 sports/games disciplines are going on and once sufficient members are recruited in each office, the inclusion of volley ball will also be considered.

13. Merge Local Fund Audit with Civil Audit in Jharkhand and West Bengal offices




We have demanded for the merging of LFA wing with civil wing and to maintain a single gradation/seniority list in the state of Jharkand, West Bengal and Bihar.

DAI has assured that the issue will be examined. However he has raised concern over the seniority position of staff in these offices.

Wednesday, November 25, 2016

Recent Developments

Constitution of a committee for Cadre Restructuring

Friends, we had an agenda meeting with DAI yester day on our 13 point charter of demands. Details of the discussion will be published soon. Now I would like to share the happiness on one of the great achievement of NAF. We have strongly stated that the present scheme of Cadre Rationalisation will not be serving the very purpose of increasing promotional avenues in the department. We also raised our concerns on the reduction of posts in short term scheme. NAF very clearly stated that we dont agree with the Cadre Rationalisation instead we need a comprehensive cadre restructuring of all cadres in the department. We also demanded to constitute a committee for comprehensive cadre restructuring and requested to include members of recognised federations also. It is very happy to share that the Shri. P. Mukharjee, Dy. CAG has directed the PD(Staff) to constitute a committee for cadre restructuring and also directed to include representatives from recognised federations. This is a historic achievement to the staff of this department, as it is the first time the CAG administration has decided to constitute such a committee by involving the representatives of recognised federations. Hope this will give us good result.

Details of the meeting with Joint Secretary Expenditure), 

Government of India on 24-11-2016

Myself and Shri.Arun Vidwans representing the NAF, had a meeting today morning with Madam. Annie G Mathew, Joint Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Government of India. It was told that the issue of 5400 after 4 years relating to the staff of IA&AD was turned down by the implementation cell stating that the 7CPC has not recommended the same in the IA&AD chapter, rather it has recommended for a normal replacement. But the Deputy Secretary (Expenditure) after careful examination of the issue, reverted the file stating that, though there is no mention in the IA&AD chapter, the same has been clearly recommended in the Defence Accounts Chapter and hence shall be reconsidered. We are pursuing the matter with the Implementation Cell also. So it is not a good news for the time being. Some officers are still playing mischief. But I am sure that the final decision will be on our favour.



Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Correspondance with headquarters office




Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Circular No.5



Friday, November 11, 2016

Agenda meeting with Dy. CAG

56 7 8

9 10

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

7CPC Allowances Committee – minutes of meeting held on 25-10-2016

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Minutes of National Executive Meeting held on 22-10-2016

20 21 22

Friday, September 30, 2016

Demand to discuss the possibilities for Comprehensive Cadre Resstructuing in the forthcoming AGs Conference


Congratulations to all. Please see, CAG has withdrawn the order banning all promotions and upgradations on ACP/MACP issued on 9-8-2016 based on our request dated 10-08-2016.

24 25


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