Charter of Demands

1. Cadre restructuring –           Comprehensive Cadre restructuring shall be done in IA&AD –

1.       Allow time bound promotion for AAOs on completion of 6 years service

2.       Increase promotional avenues for Group B officers

The most recent Cadre Restructuring in Group ‘B’, ‘C’ & ’D’ cadres conducted in IA&AD was during 1984-87. Since then the workload has increased manifold, but instead of increasing the men in position in the department it decreased by one third. While stagnation in the Group ‘B’ cadre has increased many times, Group ‘C’ cadre suffer shortage of staff. Most of the offices are suffering from shortage of staff from MTS to AAO cadre. This has affected the quality of the work as well as the functioning of the field offices.

National Audit federation has repeatedly demanding for the cadre restructuring in IA&AD since 2006. We had also demanded for the recruitment in vacant posts. Responding to our genuine demands the CAG has directed to conduct a comprehensive cadre review of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ cadres in the year 2008. Also started recruitment in vacant posts from 2011-12.

Restoration of recruitment in lower cadres, creation of non IA&AS Group ‘A’ service cadre/Audit Manager, recruitment in Senior Auditor/Senior Accountant cadre etc. were some of the proposals came out of the comprehensive study conducted by CAG. But, till now the cadre review in IA&AD has not progressed.

During the last seven years, major departments under the Government of India viz. Central Secretariat Services, Central Board of Direct Taxes, Central Board of Excise & Customs, Indian Railways etc. have restructured their cadres more than once. Those cadre restructurings have resulted in upgradation of their cadres, creation of thousands of posts and quickening of promotional avenues to the officers and staff in the respective departments.

In the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, it was observed that “SAOs are the feeder cadre for induction into IA&AS. It is also noticed that both SAOs and the entry level pay of IA&AS is GP 5400(PB-3). There is no scope therefore for enhancing the pay scales of AAO/AO and SAO, which are feeder cadres for AO/SAO and IA&AS, respectively. In this backdrop, the commission recommends replacement pay levels for AAOs, AOs and SAOs”.

The Sixth CPC has also observed that “the post of SAO constitutes a feeder cadre for induction into IA&AS. The entry grade for IA&AS is presently Rs.8000-13500 which is identical to the scale of SAOs. Upgrading their pay scale any further will place them in a higher level than the entry grade of IA&AS which is a promotion post. This will be anomalous. The existing pay scale of SAO will, therefore, need to be maintained”.

Recently, CAG has proposed to increase the quota for promotion to the cadre of IA&AS to 50 per cent instead of 33 1/3. This is certainly a welcome move from the CAG but will not to neutralize the stagnation in AAO/AO/SAO cadre. Hence we request for a comprehensive cadre restructuring of the department. We also request to create separate promotion channel (Non-IA&AS) for AO/SAO in order to neutralize the stagnation in the department. We strongly believe that a comprehensive cadre restructuring only can solve most of the cadre wise issues in the department.

2. Review of Sector wise Reorganisation of Audit offices

Sector wise re-organisation of Audit offices under IA&AD was implemented w.e.f. 1-04-2012. It is noticed that the List of Major and Minor Heads (LMMH), which classifies various departments under each Sector, was not strictly followed during implementation. The sector wise re-organisation in field offices witnessed tug-of-war between the Accountant’s General transmitting the momentum to the employees upto the lower level. If in some offices sharing of resources, premises and personnel were major issues, some other offices faced issues relating to sharing of departments (auditee institutions). There is no uniformity in the implementation of sector wise re-organisation in various states.

Hence, we request for a review of the implementation of Sector wise re-organisation of Audit offices and to initiate rectification of lapses. The departments shall be distributed in an unvarying manner strictly on the basis of LMMH. The scheme shall be implemented uniformly in all the offices as it was envisaged.

The Director General (Central) offices have created lot of misconceptions among staff working under various AG offices. Hence, it is also requested to abolish the Director General (Central) offices.

3. Grant Grade Pay 5400 (6cpc) to all those at GP4800 as per para 11.12.140 of 7cpc recommendations

It is noticed that the demand for grant of GP 5400 to all those at GP 4800 after four years is silent in the recommendations made by 7cpc against the cadres in IA&AD in chapter 11.62.  However, The 7th Central Pay Commission has observed (para No.11.12.140) that there is no justification for excluding officers in the organized accounting departments who are at GP4800 from the dispensation given to similarly placed officers of the central secretariat. Hence, it was recommended that all officers in organized accounts cadres (in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Defence Accounts Department, Indian Civil Accounts Organisation, Railways, Post and Telecommunications) who are in GP 4800 should be upgraded, on completion of four years’ service to GP 5400 (PB2), viz. Pay level 9, in the pay matrix.

We request the CAG to grant 5400 to all those at GP 4800 (6cpc) to 5400 in PB2 after four years service.

4. Grant parity to Sr. Auditors with Assistants of Central Secretariat

Parity of Senior Auditors with Assistants of Central Secretariat is a long pending issue. We have won the case filed for parity in many courts around the country but finally the Supreme Court of India viewed that the issue has to be address by an expert body like the Central Pay Commission. However, we have convinced the 6th CPC but after implementation of the CPC recommendations, the government have revised the pay of Assistants in the CSS. This issue was discussed in length in the recommendations of the 7CPC in para 7.1.4. It was observed by 7CPC that “the recommendations of successive Pay Commissions with regard to pay of Assistants, even if initially implemented, has invariably been modified at a later point and they have been placed at one higher level”. The Commission, then strongly recommends parity in pay between the field staff and headquarters staff up to the rank of Assistants.

We request the CAG of India to issue directions to restore the lost parity with Central Secretariat Services.

5. Direct recruitment in Sr. Auditor cadre – Merge Auditor with Sr. Auditor cadre and grant Grade pay 4600 – Increase promotional avenues

Recently, proposal was forwarded to the Finance Ministry by the CAG for the recruitment in the Senior Auditor cadre through SSC. It was stated that the scheme of direct recruitment in the Senior Auditor cadre is being introduced to bring the cadre at par with the Assistants of the central secretariat. We welcome this positive initiative.

As per present system under CAG, those who clear SAS examinations will only get their career advancement to the cadre of AAO. This will create a situation where many of the Senior Auditors may not get their first promotion, if not cleared the SAS examinations. This situation is clearly denial of natural justice.

Whereas in Central Secretariat Service, in 2009, the Government of India have amended the recruitment rules for various posts. As per the revised rules, the post of Section Officers grade shall be filled fifty percent through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination and fifty percent by appointment of persons included in the select list for the section officers’ grade. In Assistants Grade, seventy five per cent of the regular vacancies shall be filled by direct recruitment of graduates through SSC, fifteen per cent through seniority and ten per cent Limited Departmental Competitive Examinations.

It is therefore demanded that, CAG should also derive a similar system for appointment/ promotion to various cadres in the department. It is also demanded to merge Auditor/Senior Auditor cadre and grant GP 4600 (6CPC).

6. Supervisor cadre –     Regularize temporary promotions (additional 6%) given in the cadre, Reversion should not be made to those who already promoted. Create supernumerary posts.

The strength in Supervisor cadre in the field offices were increased by 6 per cent of the sanctioned strength of AAO cadre as a temporary measure, in addition to the existing 4 per cent, taking total strength in Supervisor cadre to 10 per cent of the regular sanctioned strength of AAO. Earlier in a meeting with the DAI it was ensured that the reversion will not be given to those promoted to Supervisor cadre on temporary basis. But, it has now reported from some offices that these temporarily promoted Supervisors are being reverted to the post of Senior Auditors in order to accommodate SAS passed candidates. Reversion from Supervisor cadre to Senior Auditor cadre will affect the morale of these well experienced employees and make them mentally and financially weak at the verge of their retirement.

In the circumstances, we demand for regularization of temporary promotions given by increasing the sanctioned strength in the Supervisor cadre. It is also demanded that till then all the promoted Supervisors, who are under the threat of reversion, shall be allowed to continue on supernumerary basis.

7. Grant Grade Pay 5400/- to Hindi Officers

In accordance with the recommendation of the 6th CPC, similarly designated posts existing outside the Central Secretariat Official Language Services (CSOLS) cadre in various subordinate offices of the Central Government have been granted the same scale as those granted to CSOLS. Various Ministries, Controller General of Defense accounts etc. already revised the pay scales of official language posts in line with the above orders and the cadre of Hindi Officer was granted Grade Pay `5400 in PB3 but the same was not implemented in IA&AD.

During a discussion with the Dy. CAG of India on 25-07-2012, it was replied that this issue would be examined if any such order will be submitted by the Federation in this regard. However even after producing the requisite orders/documents, the same has not been implemented till date. Hence it is demanded to grant Grade Pay `5400 to Hindi Officers without delay.

8. Departmental Examinations:

1.       SAS examinations

Provide model question papers, remove negative marking scheme, reduce pass marks to 40 and allow unlimited chances.

2.   Allow SAS passed candidates from audit offices to exercise option for posting in offices of their choice as per Recruitment Rule.

As per column 10 of the RR for Assistant Audit Officers, the mode of recruitment is by Promotion failing which by deputation or absorption failing both by direct recruitment.

Deputation or absorption clause under column 11 says, Officers under the Cadre Controlling Authority in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department or in any Organised Accounts Cadre under the Government of India: (i) holding analogous posts of Assistant Audit Officer or Assistant Accounts Officer in Pay Band -2, Pay Scale of Rs. 9300-34800 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4800; or (ii) who, has passed the Subordinate Audit Service or Subordinate Accounts Service Examination under other Cadre Controlling Authority in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department or an equivalent examination in any Organised Accounts Cadre under the Government of India.

Presently, SAS passed candidates from Accounts & Entitlement offices are allowed for deputation and eventual absorption in any of the Audit offices of their choice. This benefit has not been extended to the AAOs/SAS passed employees from Audit side though column 11 of recruitment rule permits Assistant Audit Officers or Subordinate Audit Service Examination passed staff from any other Audit office of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department as first choice. CAG has also recruiting AAOs directly through SSC/UPSC which is only the last option when both the above options are failed. By not allowing the AAOs/SAS passed employees from audit offices for absorption in offices of their choice, is flouting of the conditions of the approved Recruitment Rule and also injustice to such employees who are already denied the option for Unilateral Transfer.

            We therefore strongly demand for the promotion of SAS passed candidates from Audit stream to any Audit office of their choice based on Deputation/Absorption clause under column 11 in Recruitment Rules for the post of Assistant Audit Officers.

3.       CPD/RAE/Incentive Examinations

The above examinations are primarily meant for updating the knowledge of the officers and equipping with the latest audit techniques. Hence, restricting to limited number of chances is not justifiable. Officers in their busy schedule of work and after attending their family obligations, gets very limited time for preparation and study. Even then they are attending the examinations with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. In such circumstances, some of them could not clear the examinations in the limited number of chances. Restricting the officers with limited number of chances will defeat the intention of the conduct of such examinations. Hence we strongly demand to allow un-limited chances to clear CPD/RAE/ Incentive examinations.

9. UN Audit – Dies-non shall not be treated as ineligibility for applying to overseas deputations including UN Audit.

In the directions issued by the Hqrs. Office for the recommendation of the names of SAO, AO and AAOs for considering for empanelment for the audit of UN and its agencies. It was clarified that the officials falling under certain categories are not eligible to apply. Accordingly under clause (d) it is mentioned that the officials for whom penalty imposed / administrative action taken such as suspension, dies-non and criminal charges in the past, even though they are clear from vigilance/disciplinary angle are not eligible.

Clarification for dies-non has not been provided by the headquarters and because of this many of the officers could not attend the selection test. Dies-non is a minor penalty imposed to officers on account of minor lapses. Hence, we request “Dies-non” shall not be treated as ineligibility for applying to overseas deputations including UN Audit.

10. Restore unilateral Transfer

New recruits are leaving IA&AD and joining low profile jobs at their home states only because of the ban on Unilateral Transfer. The effort and resources put in by the officials in IA&AD (both at Hqrs office and field level offices) has thus become a national waste. Man hours spent for the scrutiny of dossiers/records, postage expenses, time and expenditure towards training of new recruits etc. are become unproductive when they quit the job even without completing their probation period. Those who are left out in the department are dejected and disheartened as there is no hope for them to reach their home state.  Lifting of ban will certainly boost the morale and build confidence among the new recruits. Hence we request the CAG to lift the ban on unilateral transfer in a phased manner to avoid erosion of manpower and to give the newcomers a hope/chance to return to their home state in near future.

11. Allow promotion for DEOs to Auditor Cadre

This issue was discussed in an agenda meeting with DAI on 13-11-2014. It was told that “As per the proposed Recruitment Rules for the posts of Auditor/Accountant, the DEOs would be eligible for promotion to the posts of Auditors/ Accountants under examination quota”. But even after a lapse of two years, the same has not materialized. In field offices MTS with three years service were allowed to appear for the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Auditors. Many of them have already cleared the examination and promoted as Auditors while DEOs with more than five years service could not get a chance to appear for the examination and thereby denied their promotion. Hence, we request to fulfill the promises made by DAI on 13-11-2014 without further delay.

12. Sports quota recruitment – include the game of Volley ball also in the recruitment list

Permission for the local recruitment of eligible outstanding sports/games personnel was granted by CAG. Many of such employees were recruited in five listed disciplines viz. Cricket, Football, Shuttle, Hockey and Table Tennis during the last five years. When, a demand for recruitment in Volly-Ball was raised in the last meeting with DAI on 13-11-2014 was made, it was replied that “the choice of the discipline in which field office intends to make recruitment rests with the field office and it is the field offices which propose to the Headquarters which field is considered and approved. However, it was agreed that the demand for each field office to be allowed to choose one extra discipline in which to make recruitment board as local talent can be considered”. But it is noticed that even after a lapse of two years, no directions were issued by the Hqrs. Office to allow field office to choose one extra discipline. We again request to communicate the decision taken by DAI to the field offices without delay.

13. Merge Local Fund Audit with Civil Audit in Jharkhand and West Bengal offices

For the purpose of the Audit of Local Fund Accounts, separate Local Audit Wings are in operation in three states viz. West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand under the Indian Audit and Accounts Department.

In the Office of the Accountant General (Audit) Jharkhand, Ranchi, Local Fund Audit (LFA) is still a separate entity headed by the Examiner (through Cadre controlling authority is PAG/AG). But in Bihar, LFA has been merged with civil audit wings. The promotional avenue in LFA is much better than the civil wing hence most of the junior AAOs in that wing were promoted to the post of AO much before their counterparts in civil wing. SS-I & SS-II wings were created as per the restructuring guidelines issued by the CAG in 2012 by merging civil audit with LFA, but the cadres in both the wings were not merged. Hence, junior officers with less audit experience from LFA are now leading the audit parties in these wings. This is creating lot of problems to the much experienced senior AAOs. It is also true that both the wings (LFA and Civil) are doing audit with combined efforts. Hence, it is demanded to merge LFA wing with civil wing and to maintain a single gradation/seniority list.


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