Circular No.6 /2016-18/ Dated : 1-12-2016 – Minutes of Agenda Meeting with Dy. CAG on 23-November-2016


All affiliated units’ secretaries/central office bearers/zonal/branch secretaries/
Departmental Council members/Patrons.


Minutes of Agenda Meeting with Dy. CAG on 23-November-2016

An agenda meeting was granted by Shri.P. Mukerjee, Dy. CAG on 23rd November 2016 at 3.00 pm. Shri. A.K. Das, President, Shri. Ravi Shankar, Vice President, Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General, Shri. N. Shiva kumar, Addl. Secretary General and Shri. Ajai Deep Gulati, Assistant Secretary General were represented the federation. The meeting was cordial and the discussions were lasted for two hours. The details of the discussions are as follows:

1. Cadre restructuring –            Comprehensive Cadre restructuring shall be done in IA&AD –

1.      Allow time bound promotion for AAOs on completion of 6 years service

2.      Increase promotional avenues for Group B officers

We have stated that the present cadre rationalistaion does not address the stagnation in the cadres and is not a solution for the career related issues of the IA&AD staff. We strongly recorded our disagreement on the scheme of cadre rationalisation which only result in reduction of posts instead of increase in the sanctioned strength. Hence, we requested to constitute a committee to study the present workload of the staff, their promotion prospects and to recommend better scheme to all the cadres including EDP cadre, Stenographer cadre, Official language cadre along with the main cadre through a comprehensive cadre restructuring of the department. We also requested to create separate promotion channel (Non-IA&AS) for AO/SAO in order to neutralize the stagnation in the department. We also requested to include the representatives of the recognised federations in the committee.

In reply to the above DAI has told us that the proposal for the creation of Non-IAAS group A posts, Audit Manager is still in the pipe-line. It was assured that in long run the number of posts will be doubled. DAI stated that there won’t be any reductions in posts as of now and directions are already issued to continue with the present recruitment plan. Also assured that the successful candidates in the current SAS examinations will be accommodated as per the SS as on 31-3-2016. DAI also agreed to constitute a committee for comprehensive cadre restructuring. He has directed the PD(Staff) to include the representatives of all the recognised federations in the committee.

2. Review of Sector wise Reorganisation of Audit offices

We have demanded for a review of the implementation of Sector wise re-organisation of Audit offices and to initiate rectification of lapses. NAF also requested to streamline the scheme and to make it uniform in all the states and to follow the list of major minor heads for the segregation of departments under various sectors. It was also demanded to abolish the Director General (Central) offices.

DAI has categorically denied all the above demands stating that the process of sectoral bifurcation of audit offices is now over and already streamlined hence no reversal of the scheme is possible. He also stated that the non implementation of the scheme in Maharashtra was due to the specific orders of the CAG of India. It was also stated that the LMMH provisions are not followed in some states because of the prevailing state government setup. However, he has agreed to review specific issues, if any, pointed out by the federation.

3. Grant Grade Pay 5400 (6cpc) to all those at GP4800 as per para 11.12.140 of 7cpc recommendations

            We requested the CAG to grant 5400 to all those at GP 4800 (6cpc) to 5400 in PB2 after four years service as per the recommendations of the 7CPC without delay.

DAI replied that the department has strongly recommended this to the 7CPC. But the recommendations are only recorded in the defence accounts chapter and not in the IAAD chapter of the 7CPC report. Hence, requested clarification from the government. It was also stated that the CAG authorities are pursuing the matter with the Government of India.

4. Grant parity to Sr. Auditors with Assistants of Central Secretariat

            We have requested to issue directions to restore the lost parity with Central Secretariat Services.

It is replied that there is no such recommendation in the 7CPC report relating to the IAAD. However, agreed to discuss the same in the cadre restructuring issue.

5. Direct recruitment in Sr. Auditor cadre – Merge Auditor with Sr. Auditor cadre and grant Grade pay 4600 – Increase promotional avenues

We have demanded to merge Auditor/Senior Auditor cadre, grant GP 4600 (6CPC) and to derive a similar system for appointment/ promotion to that of CSS in our department also.

DAI has not agreed for merging of cadres and giving promotion without passing SAS examinations. He stated that the recruitment rules for Sr.Adr cadre is under scrutiny of UPSC and will be issued shortly.

6. Supervisor cadre –      Regularize temporary promotions (additional 6%) given in the cadre, Reversion should not be made to those who already promoted. Create supernumerary posts.

            We have demand for the regularization of temporary promotions given in the Supervisor cadre and also demanded that the temporarily promoted Supervisors, who are under the threat of reversion, shall be allowed to continue on supernumerary basis.

It was assured that the temporarily promoted Supervisors will continue and there won’t be any reversion in the name of cadre rationalization. But the regularization of these temporary promotions not agreed.

7. Grant Grade Pay 5400/- to Hindi Officers

We have demanded to grant Grade Pay of 5400 to Hindi Officers on the basis of the circulars issued by the Rajbhasha department.

DAI stated that the issue is under active consideration. It was also told that presently the streamlining of the main cadres in IA&AD are taking place and after that the issue of Hindi officers will also be considered.

8. Departmental Examinations:

1.      SAS examinations 

2.      Allow SAS passed candidates from audit offices to exercise option for posting in offices of their choice as per Recruitment Rule.

3.      CPD/RAE/Incentive Examinations

We have demanded to Provide model question papers, remove negative marking scheme, reduce pass marks to 40 and allow unlimited chances. It was also demanded to allow Assistant Audit Officers working in other audit offices to exercise option for posting in office of their choice as per recruitment rule.

We strongly demand to allow un-limited chances to clear CPD/RAE/ Incentive examinations. We have also demanded to extend two more mercy chances to audit employees similar to that provided to accounts staff recently.

DAI has not agreed in any of the demands above. However, it was told that there will not be any problem in giving extension for those AAOs on deputation in other audit offices. It was told that the accounts staff who could not attend the two accounts papers because of non conduct of examination in A&E for several years are only allowed to appear for two extra chances and hence the facility can not be extended to audit staff.

9. UN Audit – Dies-non shall not be treated as ineligibility for applying to overseas deputations including UN Audit.

We requested that “Dies-non” shall not be treated as ineligibility for applying to overseas deputations including UN Audit.

DAI has not agreed to this demand.

10. Restore unilateral Transfer

We have request the Dy. CAG to lift the ban on unilateral transfer in a phased manner to avoid erosion of manpower and to give the newcomers a hope/chance to return to their home state in near future.

DAI has not agreed to this demand. However, he stated that the option of deputation and mutual transfer are open for such staff.

11. Allow promotion for DEOs to Auditor Cadre

We have requested to fulfill the promises made by DAI on 13-11-2014, allowing promotions for DEOs in Auditor cadre, without further delay.

DAI stated that the issue has already considered by the headquarters and recruitment rule has also been finalized. Department has now submitted the RR for Sr.Auditor cadre to the government and waiting for its approval. Both the RRs will be published simultaneously.

12. Sports quota recruitment – include the game of Volley ball also in the recruitment list

DAI stated that presently recruitment process for 5 sports/games disciplines are going on and once sufficient members are recruited in each office, the inclusion of volley ball will also be considered.

13. Merge Local Fund Audit with Civil Audit in Jharkhand and West Bengal offices

We have demanded for the merging of LFA wing with civil wing and to maintain a single gradation/seniority list in the state of Jharkand, West Bengal and Bihar.

DAI has assured that the issue will be examined. However he has raised concern over the seniority position of staff in these offices.

Fraternally yours,

(L.S. Sujith Kumar)
Secretary General


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