Details of the meeting with Joint Secretary Expenditure), Government of India on 24-11-2016

Myself and Shri.Arun Vidwans representing the NAF, had a meeting today morning with Madam. Annie G Mathew, Joint Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Government of India. It was told that the issue of 5400 after 4 years relating to the staff of IA&AD was turned down by the implementation cell stating that the 7CPC has not recommended the same in the IA&AD chapter, rather it has recommended for a normal replacement. But the Deputy Secretary (Expenditure) after careful examination of the issue, reverted the file stating that, though there is no mention in the IA&AD chapter, the same has been clearly recommended in the Defence Accounts Chapter and hence shall be reconsidered. We are pursuing the matter with the Implementation Cell also. So it is not a good news for the time being. Some officers are still playing mischief. But I am sure that the final decision will be on our favour.

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