Recent Developments

Constitution of a committee for Cadre Restructuring

Friends, we had an agenda meeting with DAI yester day on our 13 point charter of demands. Details of the discussion will be published soon. Now I would like to share the happiness on one of the great achievement of NAF. We have strongly stated that the present scheme of Cadre Rationalisation will not be serving the very purpose of increasing promotional avenues in the department. We also raised our concerns on the reduction of posts in short term scheme. NAF very clearly stated that we dont agree with the Cadre Rationalisation instead we need a comprehensive cadre restructuring of all cadres in the department. We also demanded to constitute a committee for comprehensive cadre restructuring and requested to include members of recognised federations also. It is very happy to share that the Shri. P. Mukharjee, Dy. CAG has directed the PD(Staff) to constitute a committee for cadre restructuring and also directed to include representatives from recognised federations. This is a historic achievement to the staff of this department, as it is the first time the CAG administration has decided to constitute such a committee by involving the representatives of recognised federations. Hope this will give us good result.

NAF has decided not to participate in the Strike on 2nd September 2016

It is viewed that the strike proposed by the trade unions under the leadership of CITU on 2nd September 2016 is only against the Government of India’s negative attitude towards the trade unions, price rise and other political issues. INTUC and AITUC are also supporting. It is also noticed that no issues relating to central government employees are projected in the 12 point charter of demands submitted by the trade unions. JCM is also not supporting this strike. Only the confederation sponsored by left parties are supporting the strike by adding some of the demands of the central government employees under Part B of the 12 point charter of demands. Part B has not even projected or supported by the trade unions. It’s only to provike the CGE and to insist them to participate in strike. Hence it is decided by NAF that we are not participating in the strike. It is also requested to all affiliated units to follow the directions of the federation.

Secretary General, NAF.