Some positive things which we should not ignore.


See record note of discussion to Agenda items – meeting of NAF with Dy. CAG on 23rd November, 2016.


Demand No. 1 –                Proposal for approval of RR to the post of Audit Manager has been sent to the Ministry of Finance. Matter is being pursued with MOF. A reminder D.O. to Joint Secretary (P) MOF has been issued vide dated 25-11-2015.

Demand No. 3 –                Federation was informed that a reference seeking confirmation regarding applicability of the recommendation of 7th CPC for grant of GP Rs. 5400/- to AAOS with 4 years of service has been made to the Implementation Cell and MOF. The reply to the same is awaited.

Demand No. 5 –                It was informed that the proposal to revise the RRS for the post of Sr. Auditor has been forwarded to the MOF containing the provision for Direct Recruitment of Sr. Auditor level.

Demand No. 6 –                Whenever the vacancies in AAOS Cadre fall below 15%, this scheme would cease to exist and no further promotion to the additional post of supervisor would be made. Keeping in view the huge vacancies reversion of supervision is unlikely. However, if specific, proposal are received to create a supernumerary post from any office, the same will be examined.

Demand No. 7 –                Federation was informed that a reference proposing GP of Rs. 5400/- to Hindi officers has been made to MOF vide H. Qtrs. letter dated 09-06-2016. Reply from ministry is awaited.

Demand No. 8 –                Providing unlimited number of chances to candidates gives rise to casual approach on the part of candidates. To check non seriousness, number of attempts has been decided as six. Further, 4 additional chances have been allowed to those who passed 5 papers out of 9 papers. Therefore, 10 attempts should be sufficient to clear 9 papers.

Demand No. 11 –              Federation was informed that in respect of promotion of DEOS to the post of Auditors under examination quota revision of RRS is in process and on notification of RRS, DEOS will become eligible to appear in the Dept. examination for Auditors.

The above assurances appear in the minutes of meeting held on 23-11-2016 between NAF & Dy. CAG. If the program given by NAF is implemented seriously few more demands may be accepted and the above assurances may be implemented early.

Congratulations to them who have implemented the 1st part of the program seriously within stipulated period of time. Others are being requested to do so seriously.


New Delhi                                                                                                                                           A. K. Das

Dt.: 24-06-2017                                                                                                                               President

National Audit Federation

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